Friedman Golden Pearl – Overdrive Low Gain


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Transparent Lower Gain Overdrive.
Volume, Gain, and Tone Knobs.
Three Position High-Frequency Cut Switch
Tri-mode Clipping Voice Switch
True Bypass Switching
Can be powered between 9-18VDC (no battery)
Assembled in USA

The Friedman Golden Pearl is a transparent, lower gain overdrive pedal designed to push already overdriven amps into seductive saturation. This versatile pedal can also be used into a clean amp to achieve that elusive semi-broken up tone.

Designed to please the ultimate tone connoisseur, the responsive controls, along with the three position high-frequency cut switch, let you custom tailor the pedal to your amp.

Even greater refinement is available via the tri-mode clipping mode switch, which provides LED, diode, or no clipping voice options. Built in the USA, and designed to withstand decades of abuse, the Golden Pearl is a must have pedal for any guitar player.