The Pink Panther Delay is now the Lucky Cat Delay!
At the request of MGM Studios, we have agreed to discontinue the Pink Panther Delay under its original form and rebrand it. We have been selling the Pink Panther Delay under the pseudonym ”Lucky Cat Delay” to our Japanese Dealers since April 2017, so it only made sense to go ahead rebrand the Pink Panther as the Lucky Cat Delay. The Pink Panther Delay is no more and the newly branded Lucky Cat Delays will begin shipping in early April 2018!
In 2007, we released our very first delay pedal, the Pink Panther. That pedal was instantly recognizable with its bright pink case and shiny silver knobs…but not every cat has 9 lives and we only produced about 100 units before a chip set was no longer available, forcing the pedal out of production. It was also quirky and unreliable, as many early designs can be when youre getting your feet off the ground. So, we decided to revisit this now beloved delay and rebuild it from the ground up. We now present a simple digital delay/echo that has everything you need and nothing you dont. This may be your lucky day!