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SONIC X Tone Mobile Audio Interface

What is XTONE?

XTONE is a high-performance mobile sound card, which is born for the new generation of guitar software effects.

A new generation of software effects, represented by BIAS and JamUp, has overturned the musicians’ perceptions.However, better software needs to work with better audio interfaces, and XTONE is the next generation of audio interfacestailored to it .

XTONE + BIAS program has been able to replace the 5000+ flagship integrated

XTONE offers 192kHz sampling rate and108dB dynamic range, which is unique in all mobile audio interfaces, giving it an excellent sound quality.

The new generation of software, represented by BIAS and JamUp, has provided the highest level of top-level sound at the same time, and with XTONE’s excellent audio quality, this solution has made it possible to replace flagship devices.

XTONE offers smart foots andexpression pedals that make it possible to control performance such as switching voices .

You can specify their functions in the effects software for switching sounds,switching effects, playing music, activating the tuner, starting a recording, starting LOOP, changing the playing speed, controlling the output volume, wah, gain, delay time, and so on.

Often, using the software effects increases the system delay and ”does not keep up” when playing.

USB interface for connecting iOS, Windows, Mac, Android devices.

High-impedance instrument input can be connected to electric guitars, electric box acoustic guitar, electric bass, keyboard.

Expression pedal interface can be connected