SEYMOUR DUNCAN Pickgrd Assy,byop, Wht


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11550-04-W Load the pickups of your choice into the Liberator loaded, pre-wired pickguard without soldering–a new sound is always just a quick pickup change away. Thanks to the Liberator solderless bare-wire lockdown system, this is the fastest way for Strat players to design their own tones. Or redesign them. You will be free to experiment with pickups of different tone and output level quickly, and without having to pay a tech each time to do it for you. The Liberator system uses a screw-clamp connector that accepts bare or tinned pickup leads. Simply use the provided screwdriver to tighten the connector for torqued-tight tone. Future pickup changes are fast and solderless. We use the highest grade pots, switches and jack components on this pickguard to give your guitar an instant electronic upgrade. This white, 3-ply pickguard uses an 11-screw hole USA pattern. The pots, selector switch, and cap, are all high quality, to give your guitar an instant electronic upgrade.