Suhr M.A.T. Mateus Asato T Single Coil Guitar Pickup, Bridge Position, Black


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The Suhr M.A.T. is the latest collaboration between tone legend John Suhr and the incredible musical mind of Mateus Asato. The quest was to create a T pickup set with the unmatched clarity, presence and dynamic that Mateus is known for. From the softest notes to your loudest chords, the Suhr M.A.T. bridge and neck pickup will make everything as clear as a bell. John Suhr painstakingly hand-wound a number of different neck and bridge pickups to find the perfect combination for Mateus.


  • Magnet Type: Alnico V Special
  • DC Resistance: ~ 7.3KΩ
  • Color: Black Fiber
  • Hook-Up Wire: 2-Conductor Cloth